Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Mike Fitzpatrick, (Chair)

Ryan Miller, (Vice Chair)

Ben Person, (Gold League Commissioner, Treasurer)

Jeff Backes (Gold League Vice Commissioner, Health & Safety)

Dan Gesler (Black League Commissioner)

Taylor Jones, (Black League Vice Commissioner, Registration)

Chris Silliman, (Flag League Commissioner, Marketing & Communication)

Andy Mills (Flag League Vice Commissioner)

Mike Stafford (Flag League Committee)

Ben Bremer, (Playbooks/Rules/Team Selection)

Brooks Humphreys, (Officiating)

Nick Cornwell (Fourth of July/Parade Chair)

Jason Zadeh (Equipment Chair)

Jesse Kline (Equipment Vice Chair)

Wally Theado (Equipment Committee)

Bobby Carpenter (Board Member)

Adam Edwards (Board Member)

Andy Sauer (Board Member)

Luke Zachrich (Board Member)



Advisory Board

Carl Backes, (Medical Director)

Shawn Henry, (Coaching Selection)

Jason Dapore, (Health & Wellness)

Doug Dunlap, (Military Appreciation)

Jeff Orlando, (Advisory Committee)

Bobby Brandenstein, (Equipment Emeritus)